The making of dk3 furniture

At dk3 we have a concept of living furniture

We create uniquely designed furniture that is shaped by nature and crafted by true enthusiasts. Always with a focus on personality, pride and sustainability.

The love of the organic material and uncompromising approach to quality is present throughout the process. From the first design sketches to working in our own carpentry shop on the Isle of Funen, where the furniture is finished and surface-treated by hand.


Carpenter at work




Wood, wood, wood...


Carpenter Morten Sundberg and Ole Kristoffersen together with dk3 owner Jacob Plejdrup

BauBuche Construction Beech

BauBuche Construction Beech is a laminated beech veneer lumber produced in Germany. The beech is sourced from sustainable PEFC certified forests in Europe and is produced with an advanced technology, where the veneer layers are rotary peeled, which ensures an optimal utilization of the raw material. Each layer of veneered beech is approximately 3 mm, and the layers are glued together.

The combination of the exceptionally high strength of the beech wood and the advanced production technology gives a quality material with slim dimensions, a unique surface structure and excellent load capacity and durability.


- Construction Beech can contain different shades from very light to dark brown. This may also occur on Construction Beech with colored oil.


- Construction Beech can contain overlaps


 - Construction Beech can contain small holes, missing filling and minor scratches. These are all considered normal characteristics of the wood.

BB3     BB4

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