Design by Christian Troels & Jacob Plejdrup, 2021

We are proud to announce the launch of the brand new version of dk3´s round TEN TABLE in marble, designed by Christian Troels & Jacob Plejdrup. Fully in line with dk3´'s punch line "True Aesthetics", this development is the ultimate fusion of some of nature's finest and most sustainable materials: solid oak (soaped, white-oil, oil and smoked oak) and marble.

The cube-shaped foot in solid wood forms a robust and elegant foundation for the table top and gives the table lightness, which is emphasized by the finely designed details such as. the beautiful vertical grooves on the cube, which are milled into solid wood.

Marble is a stone - a stone - composed of crystallized limestone and the formation process takes millions of years, which is caused by special temperature, pressure and friction conditions. The table tops are fantastically beautiful and dk3 has chosen to focus on the classic "local" marble types Carrara (from the Italian mountain Cararra) and Black Marquina (from the Spanish mountain Marquina). Since marble is a natural material and every single marble table top is 100% unique with its very own structure and different characteristics such as. watermarks, shadows, veins, etc.


Ø 140 cm + Ø150 cm + Ø160 cm

Dimensions of the circumference can be up to 2 cm smaller

H 72 cm + 74 cm


Wood: Oak and smoked oak

Marble: Black Marquina-marble or white Carrara-marble


Oil, white oil or oak soap

Legs / Cube:

Wood cube in solid wood incl. adjustment screws.

Ø140-150-160 cm: cube size 47 x 47 cm.

OBS: Marble is a nature material. Learn more about marble and marble care here.

Marble tabletops can be chosen here when ordering.