Baia Chair

Design by Kensaku Oshiro, 2021

As a tribute to Danish furniture design, the Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro has created a chair, which unites Danish and Japanese design aesthetics in the most distinguished way. The inspiration from a bay is embodied in the smoothly curved C form of the wooden backrest, which lies gently raised on the top of the elegant frame and gives a warm and soft contrast to the steel components.

The frame is constructed with a fine balance between the thin vertical lines of the steel tubes and the distinct horizontal steel elements. Each leg has a small round finish, and the spacious distance between the front legs gives a good sight of the back legs and adds a symmetrical and harmonious look to the chair.

The solid wood backrest is manufactured by using a special steam bending technology, and both the backrest and the frame have been sanded by hand. The soft upholstered seat provides a high seating comfort and is available in either leather or fabric.

The diverse features of each component are perfectly balanced in the design and give the chair an elegant lightness and a unique appearance.


W 54 x D 47 x H 70 cm

Seating dimensions W 48 x D 44 x 46 cm


Oak, Black lacq. oak, Smoked oak, Walnut.

Frame: powder coated steel. Available in three different colors at the same price. See the colours here. Felt pads are premounted on the legs.

Backrest: steam-bended solid wood, Ø4 cm (one piece)

Seat: upholstery. Three different price groups. See more here.


Oil, white oil or soap

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