dk3_3 Table

Design by Jacob Plejdrup, 2009

When dk3 was founded in 2009, the dk3_3 TABLE was launched as one of the first plank tables on the Scandinavian market. The design concept of combining two thin steel legs with large planks containing knots and natural wood structure was unusual back then. At that time, the market had inquired fine oak without knots and structure for a long period, and many people almost considered the so-called wild oak to be left-over wood. But to dk3, this was where the treasure was hidden - to move the beauty of nature in a minimalistic way into the living rooms of Scandinavian homes.

One of the main issues of introducing the wild oak back in 2009, was the challenge of getting hold of oak with knots, cracks and natural structure, since the market was mainly concentrated on fine oak. And then the carpenters were sceptic about the idea of using whole planks on thin steel legs. But despite the obstacles and skepticism, dk3 founder and designer Jacob Plejdrup strongly believed in the idea, and within a few years the dk3_3 Table began to gain a strong foothold on the market. The table played a major role in the birth and establishment of dk3 in 2009, and the design heritage has been maintained and passed on to several other dk3 products since then.

The tabletop of the dk3_3 TABLE is made of glued planks and is characterized by its straight edges. In 2011, Jacob Plejdrup went on to refine the dk3_3 Table with whole solid wood planks with hand sanded natural edges, and so the Tree Table was born.


L 200 - 400 cm

W 100 cm

H 72 or 74 cm

Tabletop 4 cm (2 pieces)

Extension leaf 50 cm


Oak, wild oak, smoked oak or walnut

Extension leaf available in wood or black MDF

Surface treatment

Oil, white oil or soap


Clear lacquered steel or black powder coated steel.

This table is not distributed in Germany and Switzerland.

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