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Design by Poul Cadovius, 1958

CADOVIUS BUTTERFLY SHELF® is a perfectly executed shelf with a playful contrast between the lightness of the butterfly shape and the natural solid wood. The decorative, multifunctional shelf has a simple and clean look, with a small delicate detail: a laser-cut engraving on the wing, indicating brand name, designer and design year. The shelf is perfect for storage of small items, such as keys, cell phones, jewelry, etc., but it also works well as an exciting and alternative wall decoration.

Poul Cadovius designed the shelf in 1958, and actually it was developed a little bit by coincidence, when he was experimenting with some steel plates left from the production of the award-winning SYSTEM ULTRA® from 1957. He tried to bend the steel plates in different ways, and suddenly he was standing with a fine little butterfly shaped shelf in the hand. To begin with, the shelf was made in colour painted steel and veneered steel. Later on, it was launched in solid wood, which was also the version that dk3 relaunched back in 2015.

Please read the installation guide before mounting the shelves.

W 25 cm
D 25 cm
H 19 cm

Oak or walnut 

Surface treatment