Søren Juul

The designer behind the JEWEL TABLE Søren Juul (1943 - 2013) had a lifelong experience within both design and architecture. He was educated as a cabinetmaker, then studied furniture design at the Design School in Copenhagen and the Architect School in Aarhus.

After having graduated, he was employed by the well-known architects Friis & Moltke, where he worked for more than 40 years. He was primarily engaged in designing furniture, lamps and fixtures for schools, hotels, offices, etc. According to Søren Juul the ultimate design should be simple, functional and honest, and the quality should be no less than perfect.

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The first meeting between Søren Juul and dk3 was in the summer 2012 at a Danish fair, where Søren got in contact with dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup and introduced some design ideas of a new table. Søren Juul had a preference for cubic forms, so evidently the base of the new table had to be a cube. Just by briefly looking at the first drawings of the table, Jacob Plejdrup was convinced about the potential, and in 2013 the design was brought to life under the name JEWEL TABLE. Sadly, Søren Juul never lived to experience the launch of the table, but his brilliant design ideas live on in the JEWEL TABLE and in all his other works.

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