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No. 5208

This tabletop is on stock and can only be ordered by official dealers by phone directly to: Mette Sundberg +45 62 26 10 10, weekdays between 8-15!

For prices please ask your local dealer.

Special information about the Tree Table and Tree Table Limited models

The tables on these pictures are made of solid wooden planks containing closed of cracks, knots and branch-holes.

Tabletops of smoked oak and walnut will always be made of several planks glued together, but always of as wide planks as possible.

Because of the very wide planks, uneven surfaces may occur and the tabletop is likely to crack - especially during winter-time - especially at the ends of the planks. Even though the planks of a table are taken from one and the same tree, there can occur substantial differences between the two planks.

These can only be ordered by telephone, because they immediately after deciding, will be taken of the website. When ordering a Table which is not on stock, pictures of the table will be sent by e-mail directly from the production to the dealer, when the planks have been cut, appr. 2 weeks before confirmed time of delivery. The dealer will send the pictures to the buyer in order to gain acceptance of the table top before we finalize and send the table from the carpentry. If the customer does not accept the planks being offered, the carpentry will make new planks and send new pictures and the delivery must be expected to be delayed. The possibility of choosing between several planks/tabletops may in some special sizes not be offered. Also we do not offer this feature for the Tree Table Limited, because the thick 48mm planks are limited. We never send one of these tables from the carpentry without acceptance from the buyer.

Please be aware of the fact, that some of these tables contain so called "drying stripes", which often can be seen as bright yellowish stripes in the wood. "Drying stripes" are fluids from the tree itself, which in time (12-24 months) will evaporate.