Christian Troels

Christian Troels has a Master Degree in Industrial Design from Kolding School of Design, and established his design studio Christian Troels Product Design in 2013. He has been working within many different categories of product design, from futuristic electrical cars to LEGO products, lamps and furniture. He is a versatile designer mastering both the conceptual and technical aspects of the design process. He has a very playful approach and always strives to add characteristic features and personality to the product and make it stand out from the crowd. He is a "hands-on" designer who would never rely just on a computer draft, but who would prove the stability of a design idea by, for example, producing the table-leg prototypes himself.

"I'm going to increase the complexity of the design at dk3". These were some of the words of Christian Troels, when he approached dk3 for the first time back in 2017. And he proved to be right. One year later he designed the CORDUROY TABLE , and in 2019 he created the anniversary table TEN TABLE in cooperation with Jacob Plejdrup, and both tables fully live up to the promise of high complexity. The CORDUROY TABLE leads you on a journey to explore, with a leg-construction of four black steel tubes moving in different directions, gathered by a beautiful, adjustable feet. And on the TEN TABLE the slightly curved shape of the tabletop does not have any straight lines at all, which makes it look like the tabletop is constantly moving.

The design of the grooves on the TEN TABLE legs has been developed by Christian Troels himself, and a custom-made milling head had to be built for this purpose. The design element of these beautiful grooves can be experienced in new ways, when dk3 is going to launch further designs from Christian Troels during 2020.

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