Ten Table Rectangular

Design by Christian Troels & Jacob Plejdrup, 2019

dk3 was among the first brands to introduce the plank table to the Scandinavian market back in 2009, and with the aim to take this design heritage to the next level, dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup developed the anniversary table Ten Table in 2019 in cooperation with Danish designer Christian Troels. The designs of Christian Troels are characterized by a great level of details and craftsmanship accuracy, which, in the TEN TABLE, is perfectly merged with Jacob Plejdrup's basic ideas on large dining tables, such as highlighting the natural beauty of wood in a minimalistic way.

The tabletop and table legs are made of solid wood, but despite the table's heaviness in size and weight, it still has a lightness, which is emphasized by the refined crafted details like the beautiful vertical grooves of the legs and the distinctive, organic-shaped tabletop. The slightly curved shape of the tabletop does not have any straight lines at all, and in combination with the sloping table edge, it looks like the tabletop is constantly moving. The curving movement continues on the extension leaves, which completes the overall impression and gives the table a unique expression.


L 200 cm / W 95 cm / H 72 or 74 cm

L 240 - 400 cm / W 105 cm / H 72 or 74 cm

Tabletop 3,4 cm

Extension leaf 60 cm


Oak, wild oak, black lacquered oak, smoked oak, or walnut

Extension leaf available in black MDF


Oil, white oil or soap


Solid wood

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