Plush Table Oval

Design by Jacob Plejdrup, 2023

A dk3 furniture piece is typically characterized by a richness of details, where the small subtle elements are reworked and refined to perfection. Right from the finger tapped drawers in Royal System® to the fine grooves of Ten Table.

With his new table Plush Table, dk3 founder Jacob Plejdrup has moved in a quite new design direction. Based on a “more is more” principle he has created a table, where the tiny details have been replaced by soft, organic shapes in large format. As with his other designs, he has also developed the Plush Table based on the principle of letting the design emphasize the beauty and natural characteristics of the wood.

The legs with solid wood profile are available in both 13 cm (tabletop thickness 3 cm) and 15 cm (tabletop thickness 4 cm). Throughout the entire design process, the focus has been on creating a fine line between the imposing legs and the perfectly balanced curved shapes that define the solid wood tabletop.

The Plush Table fully lives up to its name with the soft shapes, which, together with the sturdy wood and the elegant tabletop form an impressive unit.

Measurements tabletop 3 cm / legs 13 cm

L 200 – 340 cm

W 100 cm

H 72 or 74 cm

Tabletop 3 cm

Extension leaf 60 cm

Measurements tabletop 4 cm / legs 15 cm

L 200 – 400 cm

W 100 cm

H 72 or 74 cm

Tabletop 4 cm

Extension leaf 60 cm


Oak, smoked oak or walnut

Extension leaf in wood or black MDF


Oil, white oil, or soap


Massive wood construction w/ adjustment screws

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