Corduroy Table #2

Design by Christian Troels, 2023

The sophisticated Corduroy design has been developed for dk3 by the Danish designer Christian Troels and was first launched as dining table back in 2018. The basic idea behind the design was to create a table with a high level of details to be explored – based on the principle “the more you study the table, the more details you discover”.

In line with the original design, Christian Troels has now developed Corduroy Table #2, which visually has a more light and soft expression than its predecessor. First, this is reflected in the thickness of the tabletop, which has been changed to 30 mm instead of the original 34 mm. Second, Christian Troels has chosen to let the soft, rounded edge profile encircle the entire table edge, which gives the table a beautiful organic form.

The light expression is further underlined by the soft bending and simple construction of the table legs. Each of the four legs consists of four black powder coated steel tubes. At the top, the tubes have a soft bend, where they split and branch in various directions. At the bottom, the tubes are gathered in one single unit, each with an adjustment screw in either solid brass or stainless steel. A delicate little detail that makes a beautiful contrast to the black steel tubes.


L 200 – 270 cm

W 100 cm

H 72 or 74 cm

Tabletop 3 cm

Extension leaf 50 cm


Oak, smoked oak or walnut

Extension leaf in black MDF


Oil, white oil, or soap


Black powder coated steel with adjustment screws in solid brass or stainless steel

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