Jeppe Utzon

Jeppe Utzon is a third-generation architect - and fourth-generation designer. He has achieved international acclaim for his work, and the cross-creative DNA comes from no stranger. As the grandson of the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who created the Sydney Opera House, Jeppe Utzon continues a rich family tradition through his work in the art of architecture. He runs a design studio in the centre of Copenhagen, and is doing projects for clients in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The projects are as diverse as private luxury homes in Denmark, eco holiday resorts in Nicaragua, iconic commercial buildings in Shanghai and floating social housing in Bolivia.

As a designer, his career was kick-started by his multiple award-winning Jeppe Utzon BBQ for Electrolux. Since then his furniture and product design work has grown considerably and now accounts for half of his studio's work.

In 2014, dk3 owner Jacob Plejdrup got in contact with Jeppe Utzon, hoping that Jeppe's great experience within building architecture could bring something new to the dk3 business. When Jeppe sent his first sketches for what was to become the JEPPE UTZON TABLE #1, Jacob was astonished by the simplicity of the table - a simplicity at a totally new level, supporting the dk3 ideology of letting the beautiful natural characteristics of the wild wood take the centre stage and leaving the design itself a little bit in the background. With the launch of the JEPPE UTZON TABLE #1 in 2015 a new dk3 classic was born.

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