Design by Jeppe Utzon, 2023

When the Danish architect and designer Jeppe Utzon drew the first lines for the JEPPE UTZON TABLE #2, his aim was to create a solid wood table combining simple design and optimal utilization of the wood. The design idea emerges from two basic principles. First, the table should be cut out of one single piece of wood to minimize waste in production and to achieve the smallest possible package size for transport and storage. Second, you should be able to intuitively assemble and disassemble the table without any use of tools and screws.

Based on these two main principles, Jeppe Utzon has created a table, where the natural structure of the wood is beautifully united with the unique carpentry joints. An example is the use of wooden wedges in the leg construction. Apart from ensuring a stable construction, the wedges also take centre stage in the visual design of the table, instead of being hidden away. To ensure stability, the table legs are secured to the tabletop by screws, but otherwise the table has been made without any use of metal and screws. So, with the wood as almost only material, the table has its very own identity, defined by a pure and simple expression.

JEPPE UTZON TABLE #2 is the successor to JEPPE UTZON #1, which was launched by dk3 and Jeppe Utzon in 2015. Like previous generations in his family, Jeppe Utzon has acquired international recognition as an architect, and both JEPPE UTZON #1 and #2 represent the category “architect-designed tables” in the most distinguished way.


L 200 – 340 cm

W 100 cm

H 72 or 74 cm

Tabletop 3 cm

Extension leaf 60 cm


Oak, smoked oak or walnut

Extension leaf in wood or black MDF

Surface treatment

Oil, white oil, or soap


Solid wood

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